Consultant to REIT & Commercial Landlords

S&P Telecom also works with rural wireless carriers on siting issues, asset valuation, and strategic initiatives regarding infrastructure leasing and market penetration from competing carriers.

S&P Telecom consults with commercial real estate owners and REIT’s to value their properties for wireless infrastructure development (small cells, roof top and towers), and then helps the companies generate revenue from the development of the wireless infrastructure. We also assist Landlords in the negotiation of new or existing cell tower leases.  The Team has negotiated over 10,000 communication tower leases throughout the United States.  

S&P Telecom provides consulting services to commercial real estate owners and broadcasters spectrum owners to assist in the relocation of cell towers and broadcast towers to accommodate development plans and spectrum sales.  The Team has negotiated the relocation of communication towers nationally with all the major tower companies and first tier wireless carriers.

Rural Wireless Carriers